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Aloha and welcome to our Hawaiian vacation!  Have fun creating a flower lei and learning how to do the hula dance with new friends.  A Hawaiian themed pot luck will be served on Saturday night, so don’t forget to bring your favorite dish.  Once you have filled your with tummies with lots of yummy food, we will dance the night away with our favorite DJ.

        6:30- Hop on the Hay wagon by the lower pool!
7:30- Make your own grass skirt! Meet at the pavilion and we will
show you how!
8:30- Build your own S’mores! We provide the marshmallows and
graham crackers; all you needs is a stick and chocolate bar.

4:30- Hop on the Hay wagon by the lower pool!
5:00-6:30- Pot Luck Supper! Bring your favorite tropical dish to share
and eat hardy with new friends at the pavilion.
7:00- Hula Dancing Lessons. It is time to shake it up and learn how
to hula dance! Bring your grass skirt and meet at the pavilion.
8:00-10:00- Dance the night away with our favorite DJ! Keep your
grass skirts on and show off your hula dance moves!